8 Curly Hair Myths We're Leaving in 2018 For Good

8 Curly Hair Myths We're Leaving in 2018 For Good

It is the false truths that are born of popular culture, hair theories that are passed down from generation to generation. These are some of the curly hair myth that we have to stop believing:

Hair Grows Faster If You Cut It Regularly

Unfortunately, we have to tell you that this curly hair myth is wrong. Cutting hair does not cause faster growth. It is recommended to cut the hair every six to eight weeks, otherwise the ends will become thinner and thinner. A fresh haircut makes the hair look fuller and healthier.
It has already been scientifically proven that the hair grows about one centimeter to half an inch per month. The fact is that when you cut the tips of very damaged or fragile hair, the hair looks healthier, but nothing more.

Hair Care Products Can Repair Split Ends

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you again, this curly hair myth is not valid too. If your hair shows split ends, only the walk to the barber will help. Once we have split ends, our hair is already broken and cannot be repaired by care products alone.

The Hair Should Only Be Washed Every Other Day

There are many rumors about the topic of hair washing. First it is recommended to wash your hair every two days, then it is said that you can wash it every day.  Forget this curly hair myth ! The fact is: Everyone has a different hair structure. Some hair greases after one day, others only after a week. Wash your hair as soon as it begins to feel dirty.

Hair Ties Are Harmful To The Hair

That's right. Hair ties promote hair breakage as they pinched the hair. But we can’t possible do away with hair ties, no! that is totally out of the question. We can only be careful about the kind of hair ties we purchase. You can consider using ties that are loose and smooth instead of rubber bands with metal ties.
Another mistake people make is tying up wet hair or sleeping with their hair tied up. Its better you resist such an urge to tie wet hair, better still just use a scarf that won’t snag the hair. Also try as much as possible to sleep with your hair all loose because tossing around will only increase the strain, increasing possibility of breakage.

Stress Promotes Hair Loss

Normally, every person loses between 50 and 80 hairs per day. Stress can affect this normal cycle and lead to greater hair loss. As a rule, however, this settles after the stress has subsided by itself. Is my hair loss "still normal"?

When Pulling Off White Hair, Two Are Born In Their Place

Hair color is provided by melanin. Hair bleaching is a natural and genetic process. In fact, when pulling a white hair, it damages the structure of the follicle and can lead to its definitive loss. If you do not like white hair (but it's trendy!), just dye it, never pull it.

Shampooing Should Be Changed Regularly To Make Effective

If the product is doing well to your locks, there is no need to change. The hair itself does not get used to the shampoo; What may happen are some mistakes made when washing your strands; or even, you may be using one that is not suitable for you. In fact, it will not achieve the desired results. If your hair is oily, for example, look for a specific one for that. When you feel improvements, you may end up feeling that it is no longer effective, but the effect right now is exactly fulfilling your goal.
Of course nothing prevents you from changing. Will that for multiple reasons your hair will be drier than expected? So, finding a product that has worked quickly and helps in that direction can be feasible. Varying can also be indicated in this case. However, it is not because their strands have become accustomed to the product.

It Is Better To Dry Your Hair In The Air Than With A Dryer.

Many influencers like to have a ‘no heat’ challenge. However, opting for air drying might seem like the healthiest way. Most “naturalists” might love their hair so much that using a dryer might feel artificial, not at all!! However, air drying causes damage to your innermost layer of the strand which cannot be repaired. Your hair is at its weakest state when wet, and when you leave your hair wet it is weakened from the exposure.
Your best bet is to set the blow drier to the lowest heat and place it some inches away from the hair, also try to move your hands around to prevent heating one spot for too long. You could read more about air drying here.
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