Caring for Natural Hair: Low Porosity Curly/Coily Hair

Caring for Natural Hair: Low Porosity Curly/Coily Hair

Caring for natural hair can be challenging especially when your hair is low porosity. In this blog post, I am going to share tips on caring for your low porosity curly/coily hair, which is also my hair, so I know all about the struggle.

Low porosity hair characteristics

When your hair is low porosity, it feels like it doesn't want to absorb water or product. Add dense, curly hair, and it can feel like a lot. Don't worry, I got you.

Low porosity hair is more hydrophobic, meaning it repels water than the other types of porosity, so you don't want to use moisturizing shampoos or conditioners. Instead, you want cleansing shampoos such as the Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar and lightweight conditioners. The reason is, low porosity hair can get product build-up easily, and shampooing your hair regularly not only will avoid build-up, but it will also help to open the cuticles so your hair can get all that water.

When caring for natural hair that is low porosity, you should note that heavy conditioners will close your cuticle which will make it harder for your hair to absorb your products. So instead, I like using Detoxifying Clay Cleanser as my conditioner. It has just enough slip for detangling and leaving your hair conditioned, without sealing your cuticles.

caring for natural hair when it is low porosity
caring for natural hair

Caring for natural hair tips

The styling products I recommend are Moisturizing Hair Pudding and Get Set Hair Jelly. You want to make sure your hair is sopping wet. You want to find the right water to product ratio for your low porosity hair. And work in sections. Once your hair has the desired look, then you want to either diffuse or sit under a hooded dryer. For smoother curls, I recommend the hooded dryer.

Follow these tips and your low porosity hair will feel soft and defined for days.

caring for natural hair
Caring for Natural Hair: low porosity

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