Caring for Natural Hair: High Porosity, Fine hair tips

Caring for Natural Hair: High Porosity, Fine hair tips

Caring for natural hair that is both high porosity and fine can have its challenges. In this blog post, I am going to share some tips to care for your high porosity, fine hair. So if that sounds like your hair, then this is the post for you.

High porosity hair characteristics

High porosity hair is usually characterized by having raised cuticles, typically from some type of damage. It can be from over manipulation, coloring, or some other way. When you have high porosity hair, your hair absorbs water quickly, and because the cuticles stay raised, it will lose moisture quickly as well.

When this is the case, you want to look for products that will help reduce moisture loss. Oils & Butters will usually do the trick, but when your hair is also fine, then it can get weighed down quickly. So you have to balance the two.

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Caring for natural hair: High porosity, fine, coily hair

Caring for natural hair tips when your hair is high porosity

You always want to address the problem first, which is your high porosity hair. Using moisturizing cleansers such as our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser will clean your hair without stripping it of its oils. Following up with a hair treatment like Restoring Hair Treatment will lock the moisture into your hair.

As you're looking for moisturizers and stylers, you want lightweight products. Your type of hair clumps easily which is great, but it can also make your hair look stringy which is not so great.

Moisturizing and styling your hair: caring for natural hair

I recommend the Moisturizing Hair Pudding for keeping your hair moisturized & hydrated. This leave-in cream has castor oil & shea butter that will reduce moisture loss. A little goes a long way with this product, so use small amounts and then build on it until your hair's surface feels smooth.

To keep your curls defined, Curl Control Styling Lotion is your go-to. It gives you a softer hold than our Get Set Hair Jelly, so you'll get all the clumps, but not that ramen noodle look!

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Caring for natural hair: the best way to dry your hair is with heat

For drying your hair, I recommend using a diffuser. A diffuser will dry your hair faster than air drying and reduce further damage to your hair because you're using indirect heat. Using a diffuser will also give your hair more volume, making your hair look full.

Follow these tips and your high porosity hair will feel soft and defined for days.

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