How to Care for Natural Hair and A Healthy Hair Care Regimen

How to Care for Natural Hair and A Healthy Hair Care Regimen

In Wonder Curl’s “Healthy Hair Summit”, we discussed “how to care for natural hair daily”. A routine that actually works and gives great results. For this session, we were joined by Shelli G., the popular blogger of “HairScapades”. Additionally, she is working and doing research in the healthy hair department since 2011. Here is what she has to say about building a hair care regimen: Growing natural hair is not a myth as she herself has waist-length hair. Her hair is naturally grey in color. She says “there is no magic pill for healthy hair, you have to work for them”. She has divided the perfect hair care regimen into 3 sections that should be used to care for natural hair daily.

1. Moisturizing:

Moisturizing is a must for healthy hair. In fact, the first step to healthy hair is to keep your hair moisturized as much as possible. For example, wash regularly with a natural organic shampoo. Shelli says to read the ingredients first and see what works for you. Begin with using a deep conditioner that penetrates the scalp. In particular, olive oil for deep penetration and for sealing in moisturend castor oil which is a natural sealing agent. Always remember...moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! This is one of the best ways to care for natural hair.

how to care for natural hair at the healthy hair summit

2. Protection:

The next step is protecting your hair. Shelli G. recommends doing a low manipulation or a protective hairstyle. Also, she said having a protective hairstyle is good but protection also comprises of little things such as using a wide-tooth comb to detangle wet hair. To clarify, Shelli uses a finger detangling method to avoid breakage. Shelli also said to use a satin pillowcase to avoid tangling hair. All in all, these are a great start to help care for natural hair.

3. Strengthening:

Finally, aside from protective styles and moisturizing, you want to strengthen your hair. Shelli shared her experience of using too many protein-based products. In the end, it caused a lot of hair shedding.

Now this is important, you want to balance your amount of protein intake. This is because a protein-moisture balancing is very important and she recommends using a protein-based conditioner that should be used after shampoo. Shelli G. has been researching healthy hair for a long time. She said the key to care for natural hair is to be patient, be consistent and do your own research. Above all, see what product works for you. Furthermore, she also recommends trimming twice a year or as needed.

To know more about her research visit her HairScapades website for related articles.

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