5 Wash and Go Methods for Awesome Results Every Time

5 Wash and Go Methods for Awesome Results Every Time

Wash and Go is a natural style where you are using your own natural curl pattern to style your loose hair. You are not using any hair tools or styles to manipulate your curl pattern and keeping your hair the way it grows naturally. There are several wash and go methods and choosing the best one for you just takes some experimentation, practice and of course the best products. Below, we list the 5 awesome methods to try out today.

Wash and Go Methods - The Tools:

Before we dive into the different methods to achieve your wash and go, there are a few basic tools you’ll need. Having these tools handy will ensure your wash and go will go more smoothly and help make it a success.

  1. Hair clips - this is for when you separate your hair to work in sections.
  2. Spray bottle -your wash and go works best on damp to sopping wet hair. Having a spray bottle with water at the ready guarantees your hair will never dry out before you get to it with your products.
  3. Detangling brush - the perfect tool for getting all the knots and tangles out of your hair.
  4. Right hair products - having the best technique is only one part of the process, getting the best products for your hair texture, ensures your wash and go will be a long lasting success.

Now that we have our tools ready, it’s time to go over the tried and trusted wash and go methods for your curls.

wash and go methods for curly hair
Photographer: averie woodard | Source: Unsplash

1. Finger-Combed Method/Rake & Shake:

For this first method, you are using your fingers to separate and clump your curls. After washing your hair, in each section, you’ll want to apply your moisturizer first and then your styler. Next, you will simply comb or rake your hair with your fingers through each section individually. This method gives your curls more elongation and juicier curls.

2. Shingling Wash and Go Method:

The shingling method is similar to the finger-combed method, but instead of using your fingers, you’ll use a brush or comb to work your products throughout your hair. For shingling, you want a good styler like the Get Set Hair Jelly, that offers a lot of hold. When shingling, you want to work in smaller sections using your detangling brush to smooth out your curls with the products in it. Your curls will be smaller and tighter, but the result gives you super-defined curls that look ‘shingled’.

3. Praying Hands Method:

This is an amazing method that helps elongate the curls and store the moisture in your hair. After washing your hair apply your moisturizer and styler to your hair. Instead of raking your fingers or using a detanging brush, you are smoothing your hair between “praying hands”. The praying hands wash and go method which just means using both your hand joining like praying hands. This helps to remove the frizz and makes smooth curls.

4. Finger Twirled Method:

Another easy and quick method is the finger twirled method. For this apply the curling products in your hair and take you each curl individually and use your index finger to twirl them. The end result is a more ‘S’ curl pattern.

5. Scrunch Wash and Go Method:

One of the most popular methods is the scrunch method. In this, after washing your hair and applying the curling gel or cream you scrunch your hair from the bottom to the root as if you’re squeezing your hair. This wash and go method helps to enhance and set the curls. This is a great wash and go method for looser curls and wavy hair that wants more definition or curls.

Not sure which products to use with your wash and go method? Try our 3-Step System.

3 step system for natural hair wash and go
wash and go methods using our 3-step system

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