Our Story

Scarlett Rocourt creator of Wonder Curl

Mission Statement

We strive to make the world a better place by giving our customers great hair days, every day!

Wonder Curl empowers anyone with curly hair to wear their hair in its natural state with confidence. 

How We Got Started

Born out of frustration, owner Scarlett Rocourt, set out to make the perfect hair gel. She was using 4 to 5 different products to tame her naturally thick and frizzy curly locks to only temporarily achieve smooth definition. After being disappointed by countless products on the market that made miraculous claims only to fall short or needed a degree to figure out, she decided that she could do better. She had the lofty idea that a hair gel should provide smooth definition to curls of all textures, it needed to be humidity proof, dry weightless and last for several days. After months of making different formulas and lots of trial and error, the Get Set hair Jelly was created and remains one of our top sellers.

Because of our close relationships to our customers, we have been able to add to the product line that meets the unique needs of all curly hair.

What Drives Us?

You! We live for customer feedback. When we get your testimonials, we are so excited and happy the products have been helping you to wear your natural curls the way you want. If you have an issue, we work hard to help come up with a solution. And if we don't have a product that can help you we are in our labs working on something that will.

Our passion is curly hair. Our love is for our customers.

We hold our products to the highest standards and that is why we source our ingredients only from vendors who maintain the same kinds of values we have. Our products are free of silicones, parabens and Pthalates. Our products are human tested (on us) and never on animals.

We are very aware of our environment and take every opportunity to recycle when possible. We also ask our clients to recycle empty jars and bottles.

We care about our environment and we care about you, our clients.

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  • ~WC