How to ‘winterize’ your hair to stay hydrated

How to ‘winterize’ your hair to stay hydrated

Winter can be rough on our natural curls. Compared to summer, where it's more humid, during the cold temps, the air tends to be much drier. Hair requires more hydration and protection on cold days. What is the main purpose behind Winterize curly hair? Winterizing curly hair means keeping your hair wet, which encourages elasticity and prevents breaking. The moisturizer also helps in avoiding split ends and knots.

Here, it is important to have a hydrating back. We help you to update your hair care routine by making a few changes, so your hair can stay hydrated all winter long.

winterize your hair
How to winterize your hair for hydration

Use heavier creams to winterize curly hair

As we all know that our body is mainly made of water. So, there is no doubt that our hair also needs moisturization on a regular basis. You'll be shocked to learn that hair butters act as a hydrating sealant rather than a real moisturizer, and also that silicones provide a slide without moisturizing the hair.

Using a moisturizer that contains water as the main ingredient is the best approach to give your hair the hydration it requires. The thicker it is, the more it will protect your locks from the winter's snow.

Thicker creams with more emollients will help to reduce moisture loss. Here, I'll recommend you to try a Sealing Hair Butter. On wash days, it helps to lock in the moisture in your hair and you’ll also get rid of many hair problems.

Use fewer stylers and humectants.

Humectants play an important role in maintaining hair moisture levels. They aid moisture retention by attracting and binding water molecules from the environment.

To winterize curly hair, humectants are good for dry, dehydrated hair because of their ability to bind water. Because the weather has an impact on our hair's health, it's crucial to know how to adapt your hair care routine. But it doesn’t mean that you are completely dependent on humectants and stylers. Let’s talk about how Humectants are good and bad for you.

Good: Using humectants on your hair can help it stay bouncy and keep its curl. They can help protect hair from dry weather and wind.

Bad: Humectants, on the other hand, can actually suck water away from the hair shaft, causing dryness and breakage when humidity levels are severely low.

To winterize curly hair, Stylers are best for keeping out the humidity. But excessive use of stylers makes your hair drier and also lead to other hair problems.

Let the steam in.

Photographer: Vinicius "amnx" Amano | Source: UnsplashPhotographer: Vinicius "amnx" Amano | Source: Unsplash

When you are going to winterize curly hair, the steamer is the ideal tool for ensuring that you have healthy hair and a healthy scalp. You can prevent dryness, flaky scalp and increase hair development by hydrating not just your strands but your entire head. Using a handheld steamer or just simply sitting in a steamy bathroom can help plump your curls back up.

Let’s have a look at how steaming helps you to winterize curly hair:

  • Steaming actively promote hair growth.
  • It improves manageability and your styles also stay longer than ever.
  • Steaming increases moisture retention. Steam treatments on a regular basis enable your hair to better retain moisture. The more hydrated your natural hair is, the better it will be able to handle the colder months.
  • It enhances your curl pattern and opens your hair cuticles.

Deep condition as needed.

Weekly hair treatment masks are best to deal with dry, damaged hair, just as a weekly face mask is important for healthy, glowing skin. To winterize curly hair deep conditioning helps to cure the effects of dryness. And can also be used as a preventative precaution to keep your hair healthy and protected for a longer time. Hair masks are simple, yet extremely effective, way to deliver plenty of benefits to your hair in less than 20 minutes.

Deep conditioning provides you with a lot of benefits such boost hair growth, adding shine to your hair, making your hair soft and hydrated, and also helping in fighting various scalp infections.

Restoring Hair Treatment for winterizing your curl hair

To get the most out of your favourite deep conditioner, use a steam treatment to open the hair follicles and allow the nutrients to permeate the shaft. The treatment is not only beneficial to your hair, but it is also quite calming.

Precautions for Deep Conditioning: winterize curly hair

  • Don't condition your hair every day.
  • Make sure you're not over-conditioning your hair by leaving it on for an extended period of time.
  • Always rinse with cold water to seal the hair cuticle and maintain the moisture in your hair.
  • When deep conditioning your hair, use indirect heat to assist it into the shaft.

Pro tip: When the cuticles are open, hair frizzes and become sticky, therefore never walk out in the cold with wet hair. Before you walk outdoors, make sure your hair is completely dry.

Wind Up: Winterize curly hair

Hopefully, these tips add a little zing to your regimen and get you ready for the winter months so you may have fabulous hair. To winterize curly hair these tips will definitely gonna help you.

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