washngo on type 4 dense hair

WashnGo on Type 4 Thick & Dense Hair


Are you wondering how Wonder Curl products will work on your type 4 hair that is very thick and dense? Watch how the Style Sisters NYC are using these natural hair products to create long lasting, defined curls that stay hydrated for days. For her type 4 textured curly hair, Alona used our Get Slick Hair Smoothie and Get Set Hair Jelly for her wash-n-go.

To style a successful wash-n-go for all textures of natural and curly hair, you will want to follow these simple tips. Wash-n-goes work best on freshly washed and wet hair. You want to make sure your hair is clean of any other products and with Wonder Curl, you won’t need to add a leave-in. The Get Slick Hair Smoothie is your leave-in as it will leave your hair moisturized. You’ll also need a wide tooth comb, duck bill clips to separate the hair and a spray bottle with water to refresh your hair if the section is already dry.

  1. Detangle and section your freshly cleansed, natural hair. Place sections into clips. It’s easier to work on your curly hair starting from the back and working your way up.
  2. Take the first section in the back, apply the Get Slick Hair Smoothie from the root to the tip of your hair. You add a little more to the ends since the ends are the oldest part of the hair and therefore the most fragile.
  3. Next, apply the Get Set Hair Jelly to that section. Work with small amounts and add more depending on the texture of your hair. Usually, the back of the hair is the loosest and won’t need as much product while the center is thicker and would need more product. Pay attention to each section you’re working and apply accordingly.
  4. Rake your fingers through the section to help the curls to ‘clump’. You can also shake the hair in between the fingers to help the curls to form. This is called the ‘rake & shake’ method.

The Get Slick Hair Smoothie is a light, cream oil moisturizer that uses coconut oil and castor oil to seal in moisture. It has a slight hold, but will keep your hair hydrated, especially in the summer. The Get Set Hair Jelly creates the ultimate defined curls, whether you’re doing a wash-n-go or a double-strand twist-out.

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