Are Sulfates Bad For Hair? How They Affect Curls and What You Can Use.

Are Sulfates Bad For Hair? How They Affect Curls and What You Can Use.

Are sulfates bad for hair? Different products flood the hair care market aiming to keep our hair in a clean and healthy condition. Harmful chemicals that can damage your luscious locks and can also negatively affect your health are added to some hair care products. Sulfate is one of the main ingredients found in shampoos that help it lather well in your hair. If you want to know more about sulfates and if curly hair beauties should be using it, keep on reading.

Are sulfated bad for hair? Try our cleanser
Sulfates bad for hair: Try a clay cleanser


What Are Sulfates?

Sulfates are harsh chemicals that are present in hair cleaning products, allowing it to produce a soft, bubbly lather. The main purpose of Sulfate is to extract dirt and oils from your hair. Ultimately this property can dry our hair and irritate your scalp with everyday use.

Sulfates bad for hair - try a clay cleanser
Are sulfates bad for hair?

Are Sulfates Bad For Hair?

When it comes to taking care of curly hair, the answer is yes and no. They can dry out the hair, especially the ends and cause them to look brittle and dead. Our scalp naturally produces oil that helps nourish and moisturize our hair. However, in curly hair, it can be difficult for the oils to travel all the way down to the tips. If used on a daily basis, sulfates strip the hair of nourishing oils that already have a hard time reaching the tips.

On the other hand, using a shampoo with Sulfates will help to remove any product build-up that you might get from your styling products. Some of us curlies can be a bit heavy-handed when using products and need more creams to help smooth down the hair's cuticle. If you're using commercial products with silicones, then you might find your hair gets dull after while. In this case, you might want to use a clarifying shampoo that will strip your hair of all products and oils. You'll then want to follow-up with a deep conditioning treatment.

Curly hair needs more moisture and harmful chemicals can starve them of those moisturizing agents.

To maintain the perfect health your curly hair, you want to find the right balance when cleansing your hair. If you're going to use a shampoo that contain sulfates always follow-up with a deep conditioner. Reading the ingredients of your hair care products before heading towards the checkout is the best idea to avoid any hassle later on.

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