Self-Care for Healthy Hair That Actually Works

Self-Care for Healthy Hair That Actually Works

In this session of Wonder Curl’s Healthy Hair Summit, we discussed self-care for healthy hair with Patrice Ford Lyn. She is the founder of Catapult. As an Executive Life Coach, Patrice encourages her clients and empowers them to get out from the stresses and dissatisfaction in life. She talked about self-awareness and self-care and preaches to keep one’s self as a priority. As self-care would lead to a healthy body and of course healthy hair.

Patrice told us about why self-awareness matters and how you can leverage it to enhance your self-care, mental clarity, and overall empowerment. In her presentation, she divided the self-awareness process into 4 easy steps:

1. Do a Body Scan as Self-Care for Healthy Hair:

The first thing you wan to do is set the timer to a 1-minute minimum and close your eyes. Try to focus and sense each part of your body and feel what it is telling you. For example, you may feel your heart racing, throat aching, or any other feeling. Scan through your whole body like this.

self-care for healthy hair
Self-Care for Healthy Hair That Works

2. Identify and name your feelings:

Name those feelings and sensations you found during body scanning. In fact, when you name your feelings and sensations you have a better understanding and also you have something to deal with. Something we don’t normally associate with self-care for healthy hair.

3. Be with what you have found:

Patrice says “Sometimes we judge our feelings”. Your mind tells you to be in a certain way like you shouldn’t be angry, you shouldn’t be tired. Accordingly, be with what you have found without judgment and feel what your body wants to feel at that time. As she said, “Stop ‘shoulding’ all over yourself”.

4. Decide to act but not force it:

Accordingly, make the decisions based from what your body is telling you. If you are feeling tired, take a nap. Sometimes your stress might come across as hunger but through this process, you would understand the true feeling your body is telling. As part of your self-care for healthy hair, make a decision and don’t force to shut down your feelings.

Why Self-Care for Healthy Hair Important?

In conclusion, sometimes don’t do the things that are healthy for us like meditation, a healthy diet, and exercise. The reason is our strong emotions like stress. The stress that we take daily disrupts the prefrontal cortex of your brain which is responsible for decision making. Because of this, self-awareness is a great way of asking your body directly what it wants and needs.

Therefore, try to practice this simple and productive 4-step process of self-awareness that will help you in a better understanding of your body and will lead to healthy hair.

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