How to Reduce Hair Breakage? A Must-Read Post

How to Reduce Hair Breakage? A Must-Read Post

Hair damage is common these days. With all the pollution and chemical-based products, our hair goes through a lot. That’s why here is a post where we are going to share some tips to reduce hair breakage.

Reduce hair breakage

All hair needs moisture to maintain its elasticity to reduce hair breakage. But how it gets that moisture will depend on your hair's porosity. If you feel like your hair is prone to breakage, it could be that you are not using products according to your hair's porosity. Here are some tips to reduce breakage based on your hair's porosity.

Tips to reduce hair breakage

Low porosity hair is characterized by not being able to absorb moisture because the cuticles are tightly compacted. Think of the feathers on a duck's back, the water just glides off. Your hair is breaking because you are not getting moisture into it. Once your hair has moisture, it stays hydrated.

Use cleansing shampoo

For your hair, you want to shampoo with a cleansing shampoo, stay away from moisturizing shampoos. Use lightweight conditioners. You don't need to deep condition your hair as this will start to seal the cuticle, which you don't want.

Use more water

When applying your products, use more water and less product to reduce hair breakage. Try steam if your hair is resistant. The steam not only lifts the cuticle but warms up your products helping with the absorption.

tips to reduce hair breakage
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Avoid raw oils

Stay away from raw oils and butters to reduce hair breakage, this will make it even harder for your hair to absorb moisture. If you are going to use oils, use lighter oils such as grapeseed and argan oil. And only after your hair has dried completely. And humidity will actually be your friend.

Products you want to use are the Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar, Detoxifying Clay Cleanser, Get Slick Hair Smoothie, Moisturizing Hair Pudding, Get Set Hair Jelly and Curl Control Styling Lotion.

If your hair is medium porosity, then your cuticles will lift when it's wet and stay lifted until it is dry. Your hair absorbs water and product easily. You're able to maintain moisture and have defined curls.

Moisture balance to reduce hair breakage

Your hair is breaking because you are either overloading your hair or not using enough moisture. So, you want to find the right water to moisture balance. How you do that is to apply your products to damp hair, if your hair is still poofy, then spray a bit more water before applying more products. You want your hair to feel smooth and conditioned.

No deep conditioning treatments

If you want to reduce hair breakage use moisturizing shampoos and lightweight conditioners such as our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser. You don't need to do deep conditioning treatments often, just once a month after doing a clarifying shampoo to remove any product build-up. For that you can try our Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar & Restoring Hair Treatment.

Try leave-in creams

Stick with leave-in creams that are water-soluble such as our Get Slick Hair Smoothie and Moisturizing Hair Pudding. For definition, try the Curl Control Styling Lotion if your curls are loose or if your hair is low density and the Get Set Hair Jelly for more coily and or dense hair.

Use moisturizing products

If you have high porosity hair, then your hair is probably over-processed or damaged in some way. Your cuticles are lifted and stay lifted, even after your hair has dried. Your hair absorbs moisture quickly but also dries out quickly. It might appear dull and frayed. Your hair is breaking because it isn't able to retain moisture. You want to use moisturizing products that are rich in oils & butters. This will reduce the moisture loss in your hair.

Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners such as our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser and Restoring Hair Treatment. You want to style on damp hair vs soaking wet. Use thicker creams such as the Moisturizing Hair Pudding or Sealing Hair Butter. The butter is great for dry, over-processed thick hair.

Deep condition with the Restoring Hair Treatment only when you feel your hair needs it, otherwise you can use it as a rinse-out conditioner.

Take care while styling to reduce hair breakage

For styling, either the Curl Control Styling Lotion or Get Set Hair Jelly depending on your curl type and density.

Detangle and trimming

Tips for all hair porosity. Regardless of your hair's texture, you'll want to trim your ends when they feel rough or are see-through. Detangle your hair in sections with conditioner.

reduce hair breakage with wonder curl
Wonder Curl for healthy hair and length retention

Once you start to maintain a regular regimen based on your hair's porosity, then you'll find that you're going to have less breakage and your hair will thrive.

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