Oils & Butters For Hair Growth: Should you use them?

Oils & butters for hair growth in and of themselves are not bad for your hair. But a lot of experts including us do not recommend using raw oils and butters on your hair. The reason? Well, let’s dive into it and learn a bit more.

Using oils & butters for hair growth

Using oils & butters for hair growth is a tricky situation, it’s great for locking in moisture and length retention, however, using it in its raw form is a different story. And maybe that’s why you're saying it helps your hair grow. You use it once or more a week, so we are assuming using oils and butters for hair growth is why your hair is growing.

oils and butters for hair growth
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Now imagine you put oils & butters for hair growth on your hair. You have this barrier so that the water cannot come out but guess what? Water, now, cannot go back in. If you're wetting your hair every day then most likely your hair is dry. You're might be like ‘oh I need to re-wet my hair because my hair is dry.’ But you know what? You already put that oil, and now you have that barrier. So now the water that you're spraying your hair with every day it's getting your hair wet. BUT it's not going to penetrate into the hair shaft where the water is needed. Why? Simply because you put a barrier on here.

Is it effective to use oils & butters for hair growth?

So basically what you're doing it's not going to be effective. It's kind of like you put on gloves and then you're washing your hands. What you want to do is cleanse your hair. You probably want to clarify your hair, we would recommend doing a clarifying treatment since you use raw oils & butters for hair growth. This is because the other problem with using raw oils and butters is that it does lead to product buildup. If you're not shampooing your hair every week. you want to do a clarifying. It is going to strip your hair of all your oils. Now, that's the one time you're going to do it and then you're going to follow it with a deep conditioner again.

It’s the only time you're going to do a deep conditioning treatment that's not something you need to do every week. Because but what you want to do is drape all the oils off your hair and you're going to start fresh then you want to use products quality products that have those oils and butters as part of their formula. That is how you penetrate into the hair shaft so that your hair can get that hydration.

Cleansing your hair

We don't know what your hair looks like but we would recommend using our Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar to follow it up with a Restoring Hair Treatment. After rinsing the condition, you want to apply the Moisturizing Hair Pudding It's kind of like your liquid oil cream in one. It's like a one-size-fits-most. Whether you wear your hair in wash-and-goes or twist-outs, these products will help maintain your style.

Restoring Hair Treatment - oils & butters for hair growth

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  • Jan 19, 2023
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