My Curly Hair Regimen and Tips for Natural Hair in the Winter.

My Curly Hair Regimen and Tips for Natural Hair in the Winter.

If you find that your natural hair gets dry during the cooler temps, you are not alone.  When the air is dry, it can suck the moisture our of your hair, but we have a few tips to help keep your curly tresses feeling hydrated all winter long.

    • You want to start doing more deep conditioning treatments. Deep treatments are designed to penetrate the hair in order to add more moisture into the hair's strands. You want to look for a deep conditioner that has oils and butters such as olive oil and avocado butter. Our Restoring Hair Treatment was designed to go deep each strand to revitalize your hair with vitamins to keep your hair hydrated and strong. Get more tips on deep conditioning.
  • While we may love that there is no humidity ruining our curly styles, moisture is a necessary part of hair's health. When your hair is dry, it becomes brittle that can lead to breakage. Using the steam from after your shower can help add some moisture back into your hair. You might also want to invest in a handheld steamer for your hair.
  • Thicker creams to keep the moisture in and the atmosphere from sucking it out. Moisturizers such as our Moisturizing Hair Pudding and Sealing Hair Butter are great products for transitioning your curls from summer to fall. Our Moisturizing Hair Pudding is great for hydrating thirsty curls and our Sealing Hair Butter is loaded with emollients to keep the moisture sealed in your hair.
  • Keep your ends protected from friction. You may not realize this, but your favorite comfy cable knit sweater could be wicking away much needed moisture from your hair. If you wear your hair down during the winter, be sure to add extra Sealing Hair Butter to the ends as the friction from your clothes could cause unwitting breakage. You can also tuck away stray hair into a bun. 

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