Caring for Natural Hair: Low Porosity, Fine Hair Tips to Consider

Caring for Natural Hair: Low Porosity, Fine Hair Tips to Consider

Caring for natural hair that is low porosity and fine doesn’t have to be a challenge. First, it is important to understand the nature of your hair and the right hair care tips that actually work for it. If you are aware of the nature of your hair, then congratulations; you are on the right track. But there are many people who do not even know that they have low porosity hair. They are doing everything that might end up damaging their hair. Hence, it is extremely important to understand this concept so that you can follow the tips that will help you in caring for natural hair that is low porosity, and fine.

First, let’s understand what is low porosity hair.

Low porosity hair is characterized as being the most hydrophobic. This means that the hair repels more water than the other hair porosities. Due to this, it takes a long time for hair to absorb moisture. People with low porosity hair might feel like their hair is dry which makes them want to use more moisturizing products, however, that's actually a no-no.

The issue with low porosity hair is its difficulty in absorbing moisture. Because your cuticles are more compacted, getting that moisture in is what keeps your hair feeling dry. But, once you get moisture into your hair, it is locked in without needing heavy creams and butters.

Caring for natural hair
How to care for your low porosity, fine hair

Tips for caring for natural hair!

Reduce product build-up

Low porosity hair gets product buildup easily. Therefore, it is important to use a cleansing shampoo such as our Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar. Shampooing hair will not only remove excessive products from hair but will also help the cuticles to open up. We would recommend you to use Detoxifying Clay Cleanser as a conditioner because it's lubricating enough to detangle and condition your hair, but it won't seal the cuticle the same as a regular conditioner would.

Hydration for caring for natural hair

This is important to consider while caring for natural hair. In case the hair is on the curly/coily side, Moisturizing Hair Pudding is great for keeping it hydrated. Just a decent amount would be perfect and make sure that the hair is sopping wet when applying the product.

Detoxifying Clay Cleanser for low porosity, fine hair

Use a dryer

Dry your hair using a diffuser or hooded dryer. For smoother curls, using a hooded dryer would be perfect.

There you have it! These are some of the tips you can use for caring for natural hair. Taking care of low porosity hair could be a hassle but only if you do not know how to do it properly. These hair care tips will not just help you enhance the quality of your hair but will also make them grow healthier than ever before.

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