Is There Something in the Water?

Is There Something in the Water?

You’re using a pH balanced shampoo, you do your weekly deep conditioning treatments and you’ve purchased every product under the fluorescent lighting of the drugstores that promise frizz free hair, and yet your hair still isn’t getting smooth and shiny. The problem might not be your regiment… it’s could be the water.

You probably heard on the news about lead in water and other pollutants. Our water infrastructure is aging, and even water from the purest springs end up leaching contaminants from those pipes as they come up into our faucets. There are things you can do to help minimize your exposure to these sediments. 

Using pure clean water would be a luxury for most of us curlies, however when we’re in the shower and in a rush, how realistic is it to have a gallon of purified water to rinse your shampoo out and then your conditioner? Not very.

Before I tell you about this nifty gadget I found, I’d like to first explore hard water a little bit and how it effects our hair.

Hard water, simply put is water that is hard to deal with. My simple trick to know that I have hard water is by looking at my shower head. If it gets clogged up then most likely it’s the minerals in the water that is causing this. According to the website, A geological survey of the US shows that more than 85% of our water is considered hard water with levels varying according to your area. Well water is the worst since it hasn’t been filtered and contains all of the sediments and minerals from below ground. (No this isn’t like a mineral spa.) The result of hard water ends up being dull looking hair, shampoo that is hard to lather and dry skin. Find out what kind of water is in your town here

I am a solutions kind of girl, and rather than taking this information lightly, I decided I needed to do some digging and find out what I can do at home for a nominal cost. I installed a shower filter. These filters come in various forms of the filter itself, from those that you mount your own shower head to, to a shower head filter in one. I have the the filter which I use with my own shower head. 

After easily mounting the filter to my shower head, I started to notice a difference in my skin and hair. I basically take them everywhere I live, no matter the town. 

Do you live where there is hard water? Do you have a shower filter? Let us know in the comments. 

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