How to get frizz free, humidity proof curls

How to get frizz free, humidity proof curls

If you’re looking to fight humidity in the summer weather, our Curl Control Styling Lotion and Moisturizing Hair Pudding will be your best friends. In this video, blogger Katherine Grullon shows us how she gets her curls to last not one, not two, but at least three days.

The Curl Control Styling Lotion works to create soft, fluffy curls without any crunch or frizz! A little goes a long way and you can recreate styles as you wish on any hair type. With this lotion, you are in control!

The Moisturizing Hair Pudding uses shea butter to moisturize and soften your hair and castor oil to guarantee that moisture is sealed into your curls. Not only will you have maximum moisture, but your hair will feel hydrated and soft.

To get this wash-n-go look, check out Katherine’s method:

  1. After your hair is conditioned, and detangled, on damp hair, use your spray bottle as needed to make your hair very damp (focusing especially on the ends)
  2. Section your hair off
  3. Use a detangling brush to go over your curls one last time to make sure there aren’t anymore tangles.
  4. Take about a quarter sized scoop of the Butter Than Love Pudding, mix it into the palm of your hand, and run through one of the sectioned off pieces of your hair.
  5. Using the same piece of hair, squeeze about a dime sized amount of the Curl Control Styling Lotion into the palm of your hand, rub it in, and run through your curls.
  6. Repeat for each section of your hair
  7. Once steps 1-6 are completed on all of your hair, combine all of the sections, grab a wide tooth comb, and comb your hair back in order to evenly distribute the products.
  8. Using your spray bottle, spray your hand with water and rub in any of the excessive product over the top of your hair.
  9. Shake your hair to loosen it
  10. Scrunch if necessary (optional)

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