7 More Hair Myths Debunked

7 More Hair Myths Debunked

Have you also heard about those hair myths after listening to which you felt these are true? In today's time, just small information spreads like fire. Even if it is not true, everyone accepts it as the truth, which is not right.

               Let’s talk about all those hair myths in detail.

Hair Myths V/s Reality

Myth 1: Plucking Gray Hair Will Cause More to Grow.

Reality: Not at all, plucking gray hair will not make more grow. As a matter of fact, frequent plucking, especially in the same scalp area, potentially harms the hair follicle, resulting in thin hair and irreparable hair loss. This is one of the very common hair myths that have to be debunked.

So, what to do with gray hair If you have gray hair that you need to get rid of, carefully cut it out. Hair follicles can be damaged by plucking, and repeated stress to any follicle can result in infection, scar development, or even bald patches.

Instead, we think that you should embrace your grays.

hair myths
Curly Hair Detangler Brush

Myth 2: Repeatedly Brushing Improves Hair Health.

Reality: Not by any means, never brush your curly hair when it is completely dry. Only when wet with conditioner to help detangle. Many people believe that to have healthy hair, you should brush it repeatedly. But it will not work it is just one of our hair myths that we follow for so long. In fact, it is most likely to harm your hair.

If you have curly hair, use Curly Hair Detangler Brush to remove all the tangles from your hair. It will not result in hair breakage.

The Scientific advantages of comb your hair are -

  • Stimulates the scalp.
  • Improves blood flow.
  • Prevents your Hair From Looking Greasy.
  • Adds Volume and Bounce to The Hair.

Myth 3: Coloring Damages Hair.

Reality: Sometimes we are not able to take care of our hair only because of such hair myths. Everybody loves to color their hair.

It does not significantly damage your hair if professionals do it. While people often decide to bleach their hair at home, which is wrong, and it also causes severe damage to your hair.

Hair color can absolutely dry out your hair, and if you use too many chemical treatments, it can also make your hair brittle and break. Conditioning your hair on a regular basis and using a deep conditioning mask before and after coloring will keep it from becoming too dry and falling off.

So, instead of believing over any hair myths do consult with your hair care professionals.

Myth 4: 2 in 1 Shampoo And Conditioner Are Good Enough To Use.

Reality: Simply said, these two-in-one solutions will not perform as effectively as a good separate shampoo and conditioner.

Because these two products do very opposite tasks: one cleans dirt and waste from the scalp, while the other smoothes out and locks nutrients in the hair.

So, we recommend you use both the products separately and debunk these types of hair myths.

Myth 5: Never Wash Your Hair Regularly. This is one of the most obvious hair myths that is really unusual.

Reality: There are two categories of people.

  1. It includes those people who wash their hair every other day to avoid oily and unmanageable hair.
  2. And then there are those people who can go many days without washing.

So, it is basically up to you. Wash your hair as you think fits.

Myth 6: Sticking to One Shampoo stops Hair Growth will these types of hair myths really work!

Reality: No, this is not true. Because scientifically, there are no proven results that using the same shampoo does not work or stops your hair growth.

It all depends from person to person how different shampoos work on their follicles. In contrast, every shampoo has its benefits. So, stop believing in these types of hair myths that do not work.

If you are a person who likes to try different shampoos, we recommend you to give it a try for Detoxifying Clay Cleanser available at Wonder Curl.

Myth 7: Skip Conditioners If You Have Greasy Hair.

Reality: Conditioning your hair does not produce greasy hair. Instead, it's caused by the scalp tissues producing too much sebum, a type of oil that your body normally produces.

Conditioner, like a good shampoo, is acceptable and important for oily hair types, as it helps to deliver a healthy dosage of moisture, nourishment, and protection.

Everything you hear doesn’t need to be always true. After knowing the reality of all hair myths, I hope you will be able to debunk some of them.

Have you fallen for any of these myths? Which one surprised you the most? Please leave a comment below!

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