Caring for Natural Hair: High Porosity, Curly/Coily Hair

Caring for Natural Hair: High Porosity, Curly/Coily Hair

Caring for natural hair that is high porosity and curly/coily can feel like a challenge. It feels like no matter what you do, your hair is always dry. If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place!

What is high porosity?

High porosity hair is usually characterized by having raised cuticles, typically from some type of damage. It can be from over manipulation, coloring, or some other way. When you have high porosity hair, your hair absorbs water quickly, and because the cuticles stay raised, it will lose moisture quickly as well.

caring for natural hair - high porosity tips
Photographer: Ivana Cajina | Source: UnsplashPhotographer: Ivana Cajina | Source: Unsplash

You want to make sure you are using moisturizing cleansers and conditioners for your hair.

Caring for natural hair - the products

Detoxifying Clay Cleanser is perfect for coily, high porosity hair because it's very gentle and has a lot of slip, making detangling easy. It's also conditioning to your hair. Following up with Restoring Hair Treatment will help with locking in the moisture. You can use this treatment as a rinse-out conditioner or a deep conditioner. Just use a plastic cap and some heat. 10-20 minutes are all you need.

caring for natural hair Detoxifying Clay Cleanser and Restoring Hair Treatment
Caring for Natural Hair - Detoxifying Clay Cleanser & Restoring Hair Treatment

Because your strands are medium to thick and your hair is on the more curly to coily side, then you want to use thicker creams on your hair. Sealing Hair Butter is perfect for your hair. It's super thick, like cake frosting, and works to help seal the cuticle. And finally, you want to layer Get Set Hair Jelly for definition. Whatever style you're doing, whether a wash-n-go or twist-out, these products will help keep your hair hydrated for days.

Dry using a diffuser or sitting under a hooded dryer. If you want your hair smoother, then I recommend sitting under a hooded dryer.

Follow these tips when caring for your natural hair and your hair will feel soft and defined for days.

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caring for natural hair hair quiz
Caring for Natural Hair - taker our free hair quiz


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