How to do a washngo video on type 3c natural hair using wonder curl products for moisturized curls.

Best Wash-n-Go on Type 3C Natural Hair with Wonder Curl

 Still confused by how to achieve the perfect wash-n-go for your natural hair? Whether your hair texture is Type 3c or Type 4, this product combination and technique will give the curls you want.

For this wash-n-go tutorial, we used the Sealing Hair Butter and Curl Control Styling Lotion combination.

The Sealing Hair Butter is a perfect product for sealing in moisture. It is ideal for dry, damaged textures because it coats damaged cuticles to help keep your tresses hydrated. This emollient rich cream is great for all textures. 

The Curl Control Styling Lotion offers soft curls without the crunch or flaking. Our Curl Control Styling Lotion enhances your natural curl pattern by helping your curls to form and stay elongated. When paired with the Sealing Hair Butter, the results are voluminous curls that will last for days. 

To get this wash-n-go, start on freshly washed hair that has been detangled. 

1. Section off hair and clip sections to get them out of the way. 

2. Start from the back of your hair. Spray with water as needed to rewet any parts of the hair that got dry. 

3. Take a small amount of the Sealing Hair Butter in your hand and emulsify between your hands. Apply to the first section of hair. 

4. Place about a nickel size of the Curl Control Styling Lotion into your hand. Smooth and layer over the same section of hair. 

5. Use your fingers to rake the products and to help your curls to clump and form.

6. Repeat steps 2 - 5 through each section until entire head has been saturated with products.

7. Dry under a hooded hair dryer or with a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer. 

8. Once hair is completely dry, use fingers to gently separate and fluff out the curls. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Have you tried this combo? We'd love to know.

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Do you have to dry your hair with heat to get this style? What would be the affects of air drying?

Shalonda Turner

Looks awesome. I will have to try that


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