Best Curly Hair Cuts For Women - Trendy and Classic

Best Curly Hair Cuts For Women - Trendy and Classic

Curly hair is both a blessing and a curse, as finding the right curly hair cuts can be a challenge. Curls do not always settle as you’d like them to, sometimes they get extraordinarily voluminous or stick out whimsically. People with curly hair sometimes despise their hair because the only solution they think is flattening their hair with heat. Does it mean you should struggle with a straightener every day? Well, it’s quite tiresome, to be honest and not to mention the damage. So wouldn’t it be easy and better to look for more suitable, trendy hairstyles for curly hair, flattering for your face and ideal for your lifestyle? Here are 5 best curly hair cuts for women that you can try for a chic look.

#1 Curly Pixie Hair:

It is a short haircut for natural curls cropped into layers creating a cute and sassy look at the same time. Remember Halle Berry's pixie? This look comes back every year because it is timeless. There are a variety of curly pixie hair cuts, and all of them are wow worthy.

curly hair cuts - pixie cut
Pixie Cut

#2 Curly Fringe:

Fringe cuts look great on any hair type, but it looks extraordinarily gorgeous in curly hair. Curly hair cut in a fringe will make you stand out in public because it looks cute. The thickness of the hair and the fringe creates volume, and it also creates a cut out face frame.

Fringe curly hair cuts

#3 Kinky Curly Bob Hair:

Having super lengthy hair with kinky curls can be quite tricky, and a literal pain in the neck. Go for a layered super long bob that is easy to style and the best thing is you’ll get the chance to keep your curly hair open without putting so much effort to maintain a particular hairstyle. This is the most classic example of the many amazing curly hair cuts ideal for long hair. To enhance your natural curl pattern, our Wonder Curl Restoring Hair Treatment will bring your curls back to its natural shape, while making it more manageable and easy to style.

Kinky bob

#4 Messy Curly Shag:

We all adore all those curly hair cuts that suit the face. If you want your curls to appear tousled and effortless, you’ll appreciate this style. Shag is a chic and edgy hair cut that attracts all the sassy girls. It’s an everyday cut that’s simple to form and maintain.

Messy shag

#5 One Of The Most Classic Cuts: Corkscrew Curls

This gorgeous hair is bold and beautiful and it will make sure you’re that all eyes are on you as soon as you leave your home. This vintage type curl is trending; it gives a person a cool look by creating an illusion with thicker locks.

There are many gorgeous cuts for curly hair, but the most important thing is to embrace your naturally curly hair because people pay a handsome amount to curl their straight hair. So consider yourself lucky and get your self one of these curly hair cuts to slay every day.

Corkscrew curls
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