Beatfacehoney’s Tatiana Ward review

Beatfacehoney’s Tatiana Ward review

We love watching Beatfacehoney’s makeup tutorials and have learned some great tips and tricks along the way. We always thought her blond curls looked amazing and were ecstatic when we had the chance to give her our products to try out. It can be difficult for blonds to get shine, and we can’t help but feel proud to see how healthy, shiny and soft Tatiana’s curls are thanks to Wonder Curl.

You get the MoisturizingHair Pudding, Get Slick Hair SmoothieSealing Hair Butter, & Get Set Hair Jelly. We encourage you to play with the products to create a custom blend that you’ll love for your hair. Here, Tatiana loved the Butter than Love Pudding, Sealing Hair Butter and Get Set Hair Jelly combo. She also got to try our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser and Restoring Hair Treatment.

First, the Detoxifying Clay Cleanser. What makes this cleanser unique is that it’s gentle yet effective. You use it in place of your shampoo and can replace your conditioner. It’s a 3-in-1! It cleanses, detangles and conditions your hair in one! Tangles seem to melt away and the detangling process is painless.

Our Restoring Hair Treatment is a deep conditioner that is activated by heat to penetrate deep into your strands to deliver oils and butters that will not only revitalize your hair from within, but will also seal the cuticles to keep the moisture in. Even if your hair is severely damaged, you’ll love this treatment to help bring your tired tresses back to life.

How you combine our moisturizers comes down to personal preference. These product for natural hair are weightless. You’ll get hydrated curls that don’t feel greasy or crunchy. Tatiana used our Moisturizing Hair Pudding & Sealing Hair Butter in her gorgeous blond curls. The Butter than Love Pudding works by moisturizing your natural hair while the Butter than Love Whipped will seal in the moisture like no other product you’ve ever tried. You can use one or the other or both, it’s all up to you!

She followed up the moisturizers with our Get Set Hair Jelly. The Get Set Hair Jelly is not your typical hair gel. No crunch, no flaking, no white stuff. What you get, are soft, defined curls that will last days, even in the most humid days!

Our products are aloe-based, so you get nourishment straight to the strands. We use oils and butters that are known to nurture curly hair so that your natural hair is strong and healthy.


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