5 Reasons Short Hair Rocks!

There seems to be this thing in today’s natural hair world where having long hair is the journey, short natural hair just a pit stop. I have been natural for over ten years and I have had long, medium, and short hair. If asked, my preference will always be short. What puzzles me is when I meet women and after the exchange of hello, the magic question comes up “So you just did the big chop?” I always say no and I quickly let them know that I got my hair cut because I wanted to.

Whether you just transitioned from relaxed to natural via big chop, or are considering cutting it all of, here are a few reasons why short hair is so awesome!

  1. Low maintenance – while curly girls with long locks get to have all the fun, they’re also spending their entire Sunday washing, drying and styling their hair. YOU, on the other hand, get to wash & style in 10 minutes flat, it’s like getting a whole extra day to do other stuff.
  2. To show off your gorgeous face – There’s no hiding behind hair when you venture into a short do. Don’t be afraid to show the world who you are.
  3. Accessories – Remember those giant earrings you bought in Barcelona during your last vacation? Well, now they won’t get caught/lost/hidden behind tons of hair. You can also now wear that spike necklace you got, Swarovski crystal headband, you get the point.
  4. Be different – While everyone else is putting in their crochet braids, you got to ‘do you’ and rock some edgy styles that others will be inspired to try out. (By that time, you’re moving on to your next look).
  5. Versatility– Play with texture whether it be a mini twist out, pin curls, or coils. The options are endless.

It’s an exciting time for naturals because it is becoming the new normal. Look around and you will see naturals rocking their hair in very unique, beautiful styles. That makes me so happy, after all it’s only hair and it does not define who we are as women. If you prefer long, grow it, nurture it, and love it. Medium styles are cute too because you can always pin up the back and have the illusion of short hair. Short hair or TWA (teeny weeny afro) is not an awkward stage but an awesome style. This is where accessories come into play whether it’s headbands, flowers, or fancy bobby pins. As far as products go, the longer the hair the more products you will need. Medium and short makes buying products a little bit easier.  So the look you choose or want should be one that you are comfortable with and it makes you happy.


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