Top 10 Tips to Care for Curly Hair in the Winter

Top 10 Tips to Care for Curly Hair in the Winter

As soon as winter starts, we start arranging winter skincare products and warm clothes. But we do not make any such arrangement for our hair. It's like that isn't it?? Actually taking care of hair is as important as we are taking care of our skin. This blog will help you to know curly hair winter tips.

Even curly girls should take extra care during the winter months to protect their strands. Moisturizing treatments such as conditioners or leave-in products can help combat frizz while keeping your curls hydrated. So, today in this blog I’m going to share with you some winter tips for curly hair.

curly hair winter tips
Tips for your curly hair in the winter

Curly Hair Winter Tips

These tips will help you on how you can keep your hair healthy and frizz-free in winters. And what kind of hair care routine should you follow. Let’s get in...

1. Use More Products

Using more products here does not mean that you will use any product for your hair. First, consider your hair type before applying anything to your curls. As we all know that curly hair dries faster than straight hair. Hence, it requires a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Moisturizing products have all the ingredients that help prevent dryness and frizzy curls.

Curly hair needs more moisture than straight hair, so you should apply your moisturizer before styling. Most curly hair is dry, but don't go overboard with the conditioner or else your hair may become greasy and stiff.

2. Heat Dry Your Hair

Diffusers are best when it comes to enhancing and styling your curls, it works for all type of curls. The usage of diffuser results in shorter drying time and more bouncy, fuller, voluminous curls. It prevents frizz in your hair. Wait until your hair is entirely dry before turning down the heat and allowing the diffuser to perform its magic.

3. Use Steam On Your Hair

Steam is essentially moist water, and water gives hair moisture, so this is especially important with the dry, humidity-lacking winter air. While both deep conditioning and steaming are beneficial for maintaining your strands, steaming includes a key component that helps to open the hair cuticle. Steaming the scalp also improves blood circulation in your scalp and smooths hair without frizzing it.

Pro tip while steaming your hair:

Keep in mind that you don't go extreme during the steaming process. Unfortunately, sitting under a steamer for far longer than suggested will not improve your hair condition but sitting for an extended period of time might even cause damage to your hair.

4. Curly hair winter tip: Avoid Frequent Hair Washes

Before telling you about frequent hair wash, I would like to tell you about hair wash shampoo which usually plays an important role on the hair wash day. Always try to use products that contain organic ingredients. Wonder Curl offers the organic Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar, it gently detoxes your hair scalp.

Now, must try to avoid frequent washing as it reduces the natural oils of your hair, create more dryness and itchiness. So, shampoo your hair once or twice a week.

curly hair winter tips
Tips to care for your curly hair in the winter

5. Cover Your Hair

When your hair is exposed to the cold, dry wind and snow, it becomes damaged. To protect your hair wear a scarf or a hat. To avoid friction from the cotton and woollen fabrics, line your hat with silk or velvet cloth. You can also apply a dry oil spray, to combat static and tame flyaways

6. Protect Hair From Static

When two objects rub against one other, electrons are transmitted from one to the other, resulting in static. If there isn't enough moisture in your hair, then, this charge repels your strands like two incorrect ends of a magnet. To avoid this situation keep your hair silky, use a leave-in conditioner. You may also carry along an anti-static dryer sheet or anti-frizz hair wipes.

7. Never comb or brush dry hair.

It is not good to comb when curly hair is dry as they tend to get tangled, and in winters, curly hair tends to be too dry. Hence, always comb your hair when they are wet or while conditioning your strands while washing your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb and use your fingers to comb it side by side if needed.

Caring for your curly hair during the winter months

8. Consider a hydrating mask.

Hair masks contain nourishing elements made with oils, butters, and other components. Adding hair masks into your hair care routine is the key to moving from really excellent to life-changing curls. Hair treatment masks can help you minimise hair breakage and make your hair look shinier and feel healthier even in winters. A hydrating hair mask never allows your hair to dry. When you apply a mask on wet hair, the nourishing chemicals soak better.

Here, Wonder Curl offers the best Moisturizing Hair Pudding, it makes your hair feel hydrated without being oily and sticky.

9. Curly hair winter tip: Wide-Toothed Comb or detangling hairbrush

When it comes to combing, the comb you use is extremely important. Hair loss, knots, and breakage may all be caused by using the wrong comb. Knots in your hair are easily detangled by using a wide-tooth comb. It is especially beneficial for persons with long, wavy hair. When compared to a regular comb, a wide-tooth comb feels excellent on the scalp and also produces less friction.

10. Extra Gel & Scrunch

We all want lovely, flowing curls and so you use a lot of products to keep our hair frizz-free. By establishing a protective layer around curl clusters, it prevents frizz. Scrunching the product into curls improves absorption and eliminates surplus products. Scrunching defines your curl and it looks voluminous.

Final Notes on Curly hair winter tips.

Winters make your hair and scalp itchy, flaky, harsh, dry, and prone to breakage. That's why you'll need a different hair care routine in the winter. Don’t worry. This winter, we're here to help you by providing you with the best ways to care for your hair. These steps are simple to follow and might help you avoid hair problems in the winter.

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