Shampoo for Curly Hair | 10 Natural Hair Shampooing Mistakes

Shampoo for Curly Hair | 10 Natural Hair Shampooing Mistakes

Shampooing hair is a very important process in a hair care routine. However, you are more likely to fall into the trap of natural hair mistakes while shampooing hair. The reason why we say this is because generally not all of us like to do some research on different types of shampoo for curly hair. If you’re one of those people who’d like to know what natural hair mistakes you make, then keep on reading ahead.

Shampoo for Curly Hair - What Are The 10 Most Common Natural Hair Mistakes We Make?

shampoo for curly hair
10 Mistakes we make when we shampoo our hair

Mistake # 1:Using the wrong type of shampoo for curly hair

This is the first mistake that most of us make while washing hair. What type of shampoo for curly hair is best? The majority of us would just use a shampoo that is lying there in the bathroom, but it’s wrong to do so. Choosing a shampoo for your hair type is very important, so if you have thin hair, go for anti-hair fall and if curly hair, then go for smoothing thick hair shampoos, etc.

Mistake # 2: Not applying shampoo on the scalp

Many people believe that applying shampoo only to the roots would clean your hair, but it’s wrong and considered one of the big natural hair mistakes. Oil buildup is usually on the scalp and it needs cleaning mainly. Be sure to apply the shampoo to your scalp and massage it in. Then, you can work the suds down the hair strands. This will make sure your scalp and hair get clean.

Mistake # 3: Using hot water for washing hair

Hot water tends to dry up your hair. Using cold water is vital for having shiny and smooth hair.

Mistake # 4: Not wetting hair properly

Wetting hair properly allows the shampoo to mix and form foam in your hair. Dry hair will only cause greasiness and sticky texture of hair.

Mistake # 5: Applying too much of shampoo

Too much shampoo for curly hair can be very harmful by drying it out. Make sure to use only an inch of your finger size to apply on the scalp. shampoo for curly hair

Mistake #6: You shampoo too quickly

Shampooing your hair is the same as washing the rest of your body. You want to take the time to make sure you have enough product, you’ve worked it on the scalp and gotten in throughout your hair. If you don’t work your way through the entire process, you might not be getting all the dirt and product from your hair.

Mistake #7: Not switching up your shampoo

Your shampoo needs might change depending on the season or your hair needs. With summer’s humidity, you might want a shampoo with more surfactants and a more gentle shampoo during the dryer months of winter. If you’re only using a low-poo or no-poo shampoo, then you might start to get product build-up. Alternating with a clarifying shampoo can help. I think you'll agree with me when I say, clarifying shampoo for curly hair, in my opinion, is essential.

Mistake #8: Using your nails to wash your scalp

When you’re massaging your scalp, you want to make sure you’re using the pads of your fingers and not your nails. You don’t want to scratch your scalp and open up the skin.

Mistake #9: Applying shampoo directly to hair/scalp

This goes back to mistake #5 and applying too much shampoo. Instead, apply it to the palms of your hands so you can control the amount of shampoo you’re using. If you need more, then apply a little bit more to your hand.

Mistake #10: You begin washing your hair at the same spot

We are creatures of habit and the same can go for how we shampoo our hair. You might be applying your shampoo to the same spot without realizing it. This can cause that area to dry out and get brittle. Try applying your shampoo in other places each time you wash your hair.

Final thought on shampoo for curly hair

So, ladies, we hope that you enjoyed reading this fun article about the natural hair mistakes that we all tend to make naturally. Make sure to follow these amazing tips to keep your hair protected from damage. Also, if you’re in a hunt for an amazing shampoo, then try out this clarifying charcoal shampoo bar that nourishes your hair deeply and creating a nice shine and smoothness in your hair texture. To buy this product, visit our website


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