Wonder Curl will donate to Gofundme with this coupon code

Charnelle gofundme for husband with ALS
One thing that I have always loved about the Natural Hair Community is how we all come together to support one another. Whether it's coming to an event, purchasing products, or simply sending an encouraging email, all of it makes a huge impact on our lives. 

Today, I'm asking this community that I love to come together for a fellow curly and loyal Wonder Curl customer, Charnelle, while her family adjusts to her husband's ALS diagnosis. A Gofundme page has been created to help them deal with all the medical expenses that will come up that health insurance doesn't cover. 

That's why, we have created the coupon code CHARNELLE to save 10% off your online order all month long through the end of February. Everytime you use this coupon code, we will donate 10% from that sale to her Gofundme. 

Charnelle gofundme for husband with ALS

Charnelle has been a loyal Wonder Curl customer for several years, coming to our events to show her support. She is also a fellow entrepreneur with her own catering company, Simply Elegant Events

Charnelle family gofundme for ALS

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