Jan 10, 2014

Nertbreezy21 Reviews Whipped

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Aug 15, 2013

ManeObjective Review

Christina of ManeObjective.com had a chance to review our products. Check out what she had to say about the Get Set Hair Jelly and Butter than Love Pudding for her transitioning hair. “I absolutely ADORE Get Set Hair Jelly. When I tell you that I got 4 day hair that looked practically the same EVERY …
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Aug 09, 2012

Curly Chic Reviews Butter than Love Hair Pudding

You know that old girlfriend you see every now and then in passing?  You say hello, exchange numbers and promise to catch up soon but never do?  For no other reason than being caught up in life.  No bad feelings, just not enough time in the day to keep up with everything you’d like to.  …
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Aug 08, 2012

Tessa Curls reviews BTL Pudding

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Jul 15, 2012

Butter than Love Hair Whipped Review!

Creatively Yours by Ro used Butter than Love Hair Whipped in her natural hair. Check out her photo and review. “After letting my hair air dry and twisting out my coils I instantly noticed the moisture locked into my hair that was undeniably a result of the Butter than Love Whipped. I especially like the fact …
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