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RinaZapp reviews our Get Set Hair Jelly and Get Slick Hair Smoothie for a Wash n Go in her Natural Type 4 Curls

If you're looking to get a defined wash-n-go in your natural hair, then you want to check out this video by vlogger, RinaZapp. 

Rina used our Get Slick Hair Smoothie and Get Set Hair Jelly combo to achieve this look that was able to last for days!

To get this wash and go, Rina used the "prayer method" on her hair. It's similar to the raking method, except you are not raking your fingers through your hair to create the curls, but are smoothing your hair between your hands. 

On freshly washed hair, while it's still damp, you will want to section your hair. Apply the Get Slick Hair Smoothie to the section ensuring you have saturated the entire section with the smoothie. Next, apply the Get Set Hair Jelly over the smoothie. 

Get Slick Hair Smoothie to hydrate natural curly hair

Place the section of hair between your hands and smooth that section to make sure the entire section has the Jelly on it. 

Repeat steps on each section until your hair has the smoothie and jelly applied evenly. Air dry, sit under a hooded dryer or use a diffuser to dry. 

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"I never thought I'd fall in love with my Wash & Go so much, but after using these Wonder Curl Products I am ALL THE WAY IN! I truly understand the magic behind the name now, I was soooo shocked and very pleasantly surprised trying out part of this Get Set Wonder Curl Line for the first time. You guys!!! Listen if you have been wanting that bomb wash and go but couldn't get that curl definition right, look no further."

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