My Thoughts: I Love Love Love it!! I wish I was sent the full sized products, because it definitely needs to be added to my stash lol! No worries though I’ll be purchasing them very soon. On to the review…
I started off applying the Hair Smoothie to clean wet (not dripping wet) hair in small sections starting from the back. The first thing I noticed about it has a creamy consistency and it’s not too thick, which makes easier to distribute through the hair. I expected it to be very oily being that castor oil and coconut oil being #2 and #3 on the ingredient list, but it wasn’t oily at all. I then detangled, which I do before braiding each braid to prevent a frizzy and tangled braid out, and applied the Hair Jelly. It looks and feels like most gels, but without the sticky residue feeling afterwards. And just like to Hair Smoothie it had a clean fresh scent, nothing to overly fragrant. I was anxious to see how it would turn out once it dried. I’ve read some reviews in the past that said because of the witch hazel in the jelly it may cause the hair to feel dry. …
Soft. Defined. Shine.
My hair felt great! I was expecting it to be a little stiff but it wasn’t…at all! I hardly ever use gels on my hair for braid outs. I only use them for wash and go’s and to slick my hair into a low ponytail and I rarely wear those styles. But I’m really digging this Jelly/Smoothie combo!!
I’m currently rocking 3rd day hair thanks to Wonder Curl and it still looks good….What ya’ll think??

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  • Jul 13, 2011
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