KK natural hair w/ Polishing Pomade

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On to the Wonder Curl Polishing Pomade. The Polishing Pomade has a sweet fruity smell that I love!!!! It has the consistency of a combination of a pudding ans a light hair grease. I used this product on both me and KK’s hair today.  I smoothed on a small amount on the side of my hair and brushed it up into a clip and added a flower accent.  For KK’s hair I misted her week old twist-out with water and then added the Polishing Pomade and brushed her hair up into two puffs.  I was amazed at how her hair smoothed down.  It looked like I had tied her hair down with a scarf.  I will definitely purchase this product.  It also had great slip so it made it very easy for the brush to get through her hair.  This product gets an A+++++. (Click here for more pics)

  • Jul 19, 2012
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Natural Nu Reviews Polishing Pomade | Wonder Curl