Watch how Amber Janielle uses our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser, Restoring Hair Treatment to cleanse and condition her natural hair and gets her defined Wash-n-Go with the Butter than Love Pudding and Get Set Hair Jelly.

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    Detoxifying Clay Cleanser

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

Our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser (8oz) is a gentle cleanser that detangles and conditions hair in one process while removing impurities to refresh the scalp.

Kaolin clay revitalizes dry and damaged hair. Shea Butter has been used to sooth dry itchy scalp. Avocado Butter fortifies hair from the inside. Olive Oil contains antioxidants, which remove harmful free radicals from the surface of your hair and scalp.

An intensive deep hair treatment that strengthens, moisturizes and smooths your hair. Olive oil can easily penetrate into the hair, passing through the layers of cuticles to provide a deep moisturizer for the hair and mend split ends. Avocado prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. Shea butter is rich in vitamins A & E. It soothes dryness, repairs breakage and mends split ends. Tamanu oil regenerates, strengthens and protects hair. Plus, Vitamins E, C, B3 & B6 to protect hair, stimulate growth and maintain moisture for healthy hair.

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    Moisturizing Hair Pudding

    Rated 4.43 out of 5

The Moisturizing Hair Pudding (Butter than Love Pudding) an ultra-moisturizing hair cream that has a light and fluffy formula which will give your hair shine and unbelievable softness. We blended castor oil for superior sealing power and shea butter to give you a product that not only moisturizes your hair, but leaves it unbelievably soft. Used alone for fluffy styles or layered with a styler for amazing definition that’s humidity proof. Once used, the Butter than Love Pudding will become a staple in your hair arsenal.

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    Get Set Hair Jelly

    Rated 4.38 out of 5

Our best seller, the Get Set Hair Jelly is an amazing styling gel that will define curls, keeping them frizz-free in in the humidity without your hair feeling stiff, crunchy and no flaking!


  • Dec 27, 2015
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