Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair loss the real deal-Use Sesame Oil

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In many recent hair healing sessions and consults the topic of Jamaican Black Castor Oil and hair loss has come up. I have been asked my opinion of it and I love to educate on oils- the what I know and what I intuit. What I know is research and application. What I intuit is the innate sense of the quality of the oils and what I feel it’s place has been in history and how that connects us to the present.

Laymans terms: Culturally and historically castor oil has been used as an internal cleansing oil. It was given to people and still used today to prevent as well as cure illness inside the body by expelling out the ‘yucky’ stuff. It is an excellent oil to use for sunburn, sun burn prevention (along with sunflower) and it has been used as a laxative for the body.

Castor oil is more of a lubricant for coating hair strands and reducing frizz. The moisture it provides is attractive to naturals because that in itself strengthens the hair shaft – it does not however grow hair or help with hair loss.

I have recommended castor oil mostly only to women with wavy resistance hard to style hair because just the right amount usually about the size of a quarter – castor will defrizz and hold a style naturally. Adding an essential oil boosts the quality and healing properties as well as provides an aromatherapy experience.

Castor Oil for your Deep Treatments

Castor oil is great added to deep treatments but not for all hair textures and densities. It may just be too heavy and leave a coating on the hair that repels other products when not cleansed well. Kinky and Kinky curly hair feel free to experiment with it. Curlies and Wavys use sparingly.

With the viscocity (thickness) of castor oil and its properties for thickness and not absorbing,  it is not the oil that penetrates into the hair follicle to provide healing to the growing hair. Olive oil does that. Sunflower oil does that. Many thinner high heat oils also rich in omegas and vitamins penetrate in that way.

What oil can you use for hair loss?

My recommendation for hair loss – topical (what you apply on the hair and body not inside) is Sesame Oil. It is not always the expensive exotic oil that provides the most for the hair. In India sesame oil is known as “the good oil”. I agree.

I often recommend it for those who have experienced or are experiencing hair loss.  I also recommend adding rosemary essential oil for those who like to mix and make or you can order my custom blend.  Sesame also contains copper which is very valuable because copper deficiency is a top reason for why hair goes grey – what I like to call silver.  Remember to massage regularly for circulation which helps hair to grow.

What else is Sesame good for?

  • Protection from damaging effects of chlorine on the hair when swimming
  • Tightening the skin on your face (coupled with grapeseed good for fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead)
  • Protection from airborne viruses and bacteria (especially around the nose)

Other Factors

Hair loss is internal and the hair is stressed from the inside out so on an internal healing note – I would recommend structurally enhanced water such as Dr. Brown’s Healing Water, juice cleansing to detoxify the body and balance out whatever is causing the hair loss. Hair loss is from a number of factors which include the use of prescription medications which most times layout their side effects of hair loss right on the label.

What!? Prescription meds take my hair away…

There are many prescription medications on the market that cause hair loss while trying to “correct” something else while creating an imbalance somewhere else in the body. If you want your hair you must take a holistic whole body stand as your hair shows your state of health from the inside out.

Our DNA, the environment, the foods we eat, the water we drink or lack thereof, the products we use and our lifestyles all effect our hair.

Try to make the effort to do more topically naturally by choosing products free of petrolatum aka gasoline, mineral oil, parrafins. As always- I wish for you to have:

Happy Healthy Hair and Body


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