Gimme That Glow reviews GSHJ

Glow: It’s not crunchy and it doesn’t flake! I know we tend to associate most gel based products with leaving your hair dry and crunchy but the Get Set Hair Jelly actually left my hair looking moisturized, it was soft & touchable and it didn’t feel weighted down at all.  Another thing I like about this product is that it comes in three different variations of sizes. I used the 2oz jar which is the smallest size and it retails for only $5. Initially I was a little apprehensive about whether or not 2oz would be enough for all of my hair. But to my surprise it was, and I have a pretty good amount of hair.

Glare: I can’t really call it a glare because my issue really has nothing to do with this product. I’ve mentioned it before but I have really soft hair which makes it difficult to achieve great next day hair. I’ve tried sleeping in a bonnet but that only mushes and flattens my curls. I’ve read suggestions about twisting your curls into sections before bed each night but….I’m a low maintenance kinda girl and trust me when I say that I don’t have the patience for that. Everyone is different but I’ve just found it easier for me to do a wash & go in the mornings and be done with it. Next day hair is another reason why I alternate from curly to straight a lot because obviously I don’t want to reset my hair with product ever single day.

Would I Recommend It? YES! I could really see myself using this as a staple product throughout the summer. If you’re not sure about buying the 16oz I’d definitely recommend trying the 2oz so you can get a feel of how it works for you.

Overall Glam: It’s a great product and it’s affordable! It worked well for my hair and I really like the results. I still have questions about my curl type, I really don’t know what type I am. My hair is generally more wavy at the roots and more coily and curly towards the ends. My hair tends to do its own thing so that varies too lol.

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