No, this is not a throwback picture! This is as recent as NOW. On Saturday, June 14, 2014, I chopped all of my waist length hair in favor of an edgy Frohawk.

I know some of you might be wondering, “Is she having a ‘Waiting to Exhale’ moment?” Well, yes & no.

Yes, because there have been some positive changes in my life and no because my husband didn’t leave me for another woman. That can’t happen because I’m not married. Anywho…

After my last BC back in June 2006 (weird coincidence) I had made the decision that I would approach my hair with patience and to listen to it. I told myself that I wouldn’t do anything that might alter my curl pattern. So, for 8 years, I diligently took care of my hair because I had made a personal goal to grow my hair to my butt. I did reach that goal at one point, but had to cut 2 inches off because of the damage from all the coloring I did to it. It was right after that last trim when I looked at my hair and knew I was going to cut it.

I think most women at some point contemplate cutting off their hair (whether from frustration or boredom). Going natural and being determined to grow your hair doesn’t change that. I sometimes thought about cutting it over time, but I knew I wasn’t ready…I was having too much fun with it being long.

Which takes me back to listening to my hair. After my last trim back in May, with the perfect layers and just thinned out so it didn’t have as much bulk, it didn’t feel right. It was as if my hair was telling me that it wanted to be cut. I didn’t make the appointment right away. I waited a month and a half to make sure that I wouldn’t have buyer’s remorse. I also didn’t tell too many people my plan because I didn’t want any outside influences trying to change my mind.

Hair by WesleyStyles.com Photo by kram71@tumblr.com

2014-06-13 23.11.43

I researched different styles and knew I wanted something recognizable, but not prolific. I sent pictures to my stylist, Tamika Wesley, and we discussed the look prior to my sitting in her chair. I had no hesitations the day of my appointment. Even as she moved the cutting shears close to my hair, I didn’t flinch. I was ready. After I returned home and looked in the mirror again I said to myself (out loud) “There you are.”


Social media has made connections with strangers possible that we build friendships. It wasn’t my goal to become a “hair crush” but it happened. I appreciate this title wholeheartedly. Although my decision to cut my hair was a personal one, I also wanted to send a message that short hair is dope too and that we should love our hair at any length.


 WonderCurl.com WonderCurl.com


A lot of people asked me if I donated my hair. Unfortunately, no, I wasn’t able to because I had highlighted my hair in the past. Hair that has been bleached has a chemical reaction during the manufacturing process.

Tamika is offering $35 off of a Cut & Style (regular price $135) just tell her that Wonder Curl sent you when you book your appointment. http://www.wesleystyles.com/

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