I am one of those people who read about something that is so cool that I manage to convince myself that life just won’t be complete unless I go out and get one. These ponytail holders by Scunci was one of them. I read about it in my Real Simple magazine and made it my mission to get some.

I finally found them at Kmart for only $2.99 plus tax for 12 and they come in awesome colours like neon and glow in dark. I went with pink, purple and black collection. While I was at it, I decided to grab the head bands too.

What makes these holders and bands so much niftier than your average holders is that they are made from silicon and if you are a child of the 80’s such as myself, they breathe of nostalgia to the jelly bracelets of yesteryear. They also don’t snag and since there’s no rubber, won’t lose elasticity so easily. If you like to put your hair up while it’s still wet, you understand how fabulous this is.

My one wish was that they were a little bit bigger so I could wear them around my wrist without cutting off my circulation. I’m just being picky at this point.

Check out their site for more information: http://scunci.com/

  • Jul 12, 2011
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