Detoxifying Clay Cleanser

Blogger Adaeze Tula recently got to review the Detoxifying Clay Cleanser, Restoring Hair Treatment and Get Slick Hair Smoothie. Her thoughts on the products are:

” I’m not sure what makes this product make your hair so soft to detangle, but it really does feel like a conditioner instead.” ~Detoxifying Clay Cleanser

“This deep conditioner combined with the detoxifying cleanser is an extremely gentle and easy way to cleanse the scalp and hair and then restore moisture that is lost, especially in the heat of summer.” ~Restoring Hair Treatment

“Simply equipped with aloe vera, castor oil, and coconut oil (noticing a pattern here?) this guy set my curls up for my styler and provided them with moisture from the aloe vera and a form of a sealant with the two oils.” ~Get Slick Hair Smoothie

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  • Aug 04, 2015
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