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Natural hair product review by Queens&Curls of our Curl Control Styling Lotion and Get Slick Hair Smoothie

WATCH THE VIDEO If you’re looking for a great combination of products that are light and will give you great definition for your wash and goes, then check out the Get Slick Hair Smoothie and Curl Control Styling Lotion combo. Queens and Curls reviews these products on her YouTube channel and tells us how they […]


Twist-Out on 4C Hair

WATCH THE VIDEO We are loving this soft and moisturized twist-out on Jennifer. If you have dry hair, then you will want to use the Butter than Love Pudding to hydrate your natural hair with the Butter than Love Whipped to seal in the moisture. The result is hair that doesn’t feel weighed down or […]


PJ reviews Detoxifying Clay Cleanser

Curious about our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser? Check out Patricia’s review! “The product rinsed out cleanly and quickly.  There was no residue left behind and no flakiness.  My curl pattern popped though and my hair was soft and ready for the Wonder Curl styling products.” Read the full review here.


Amber Janielle’s Review

Have you seen Amber Janielle’s wash-n-go using our Butter than Love Pudding and Get Set Hair Jelly? How about her Day 3 And check out Day 5! Her hair just gets better and better! Check out her blog post about her experience with the products.


Stylishly Decadent Reviews Wonder Curl

Read about how Chakayla, Stylishly Decadent, uses Wonder Curl’s Butter than Love Pudding and Get Set Hair Jelly on her hair and her son’s hair.   “All-in-all Wonder Curl fit the bill for our hair needs! If you are looking for products with moisturizing and restorative properties, Wonder Curl is the brand for you! Visit Wonder Curl for your natural hair needs and […]